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Quang Binh Adventure Tour

Quang Binh Adventure Tour

To  Quang Binh, the first address in our schedule is to arrive at Vung Chua - Yen Island. The place 7km south of Ngang Pass, in Quang Trach district, there is Tho mountain, Dragon cape in the Hoanh Son range crashing into the sea - is the resting place of General Vo Nguyen Giap, surrounded by 3 islands, Hon La , Hon Gio and Hon Nom (Swallow Island).

Quảng Bình khám phá Đảo Chim

Quang Binh explores Bird Island
Next, is the journey to discover the natural wonder of the world Phong Nha - Ke Bang. The destination is considered to be the convergence of all the most perfect beauty of nature, and the place where the imagination is most sublimated. According to the local guide, Phong Nha cave has 2 parts: dry cave and water cave. The dry cave is located at an altitude of 200m, since ancient times the underground river has dried up, leaving only white stone arches and jade green stone columns.
The stalactites in Phong Nha cave have undergone millions of years of tectonic formation from karst limestone, absorbed by rain water, dissolved and flowed down from the roof of the cave to form stalactites with extremely fancy shapes. With a water cave, we were able to travel on the quiet, clear Nam River, looking up at the majestic and colorful stalactites.

Paradise Cave
Also located in the complex of  Phong Nha – Ke Bang,  Paradise Cave , known as the underground palace, is a dry cave of great beauty with many diverse stalactites, creating a rich and impressive structure.
Also at   Phong Nha - Ke Bang, we tested the zip-line game that is popular with international tourists. Zip-line is a game for adventurers and adventurers. There are two types of rope swings: cave exploration and river bathing with specialized, modern and safe equipment.
Participating in this type of tourism, visitors will have the opportunity to swing on a 400m long cable to satisfy their passion for experience and explore the beauty of the tourist route  Chay river - Dark cave from the air. From the Dark cave, visitors continue to swing to the middle of the Chay River to drop people into the river to bathe in the cool, blue water.
The length is only about 10km, but the Chay River has many beautiful rapids and contains high biodiversity value with many aquatic animals typical for Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, in which two species of eels and eels. Sardines are listed in the World Red Book. In each section of the river, the water has the color turquoise, green, yellow...
Going to Quang Binh, Nhat Le beach in Dong Hoi city is also an ideal place to stop for a long trip. Here, everyone can freely wave the area, enjoy the taste of the fresh wind of Quang Binh's sea. The scenery here is so charming. The beach has iridescent golden sands under the blue poplar forest with many beautiful beaches, sparkling jade-colored sea water and no sign of pollution.
In Dong Hoi City, we enjoy a kind of pancake made of red rice, although it is simple, but when there are enough accompanying dishes such as banana fish, mannequin, raw vegetables, rice paper and dipping sauce, it becomes very attractive. The plate of mannequins includes bean sprouts, spinach and sesame. When eating, take banh xeo rolls with raw vegetables, mannequins, and snakehead fish, then wrap them in rice paper. Pancakes are best eaten when they are just finished.
Quang Binh specialty pancakes




Go to Da Nhay beach - a beach with fresh water right on the shore located at the foot of Ly Hoa pass. Called Da Nhay beach because the beach has many big, small, low and high rocks. Whenever there is a wave, looking away from the rocks like jumping on the waves looks very interesting. The destination of Da Nhay beach also attracts tourists with many beautiful landscapes, interesting caves and a variety of entertainments such as boating, climbing, hunting, walking in the poplar forest, scuba diving to catch shellfish, enjoying delicious fresh seafood.
In particular, fish and mushroom porridge in Da Nhay is really a specialty of Quang Binh. Rarely can you enjoy such an attractive fish porridge. According to the owner, porridge is cooked with clams - a local specialty - a cartilaginous fish, related to sharks. The porpoise does not lay eggs, but gives birth. Lean fish meat, low fat, rough skin.
The fish porridge has a fragrant aroma mixed with the smell of onions, both delicious and nutritious. When the fish porridge boils, people put button mushrooms, fat mushrooms, and straw mushrooms in. The porridge pot opens fragrant. People don't eat onions, dill like Northern people, but ice cream with broccoli has been thinly sliced ​​like threads under the bowl, then scooped up the boiling mushroom fish porridge on top.
A bit of Dong Hoi fish sauce has been soaked in hot chili peppers, which adds a rich flavor and is also true to the local style of eating. After lunch, we rented a few hammocks to go to the casuarina forest to relax and have a good night's sleep. This is a wonderful experience in Quang Binh.
In fact, before the journey to Quang Binh Tourism, we cherished the expedition to Son Doong cave since this address was announced in the media. But even though the tour price is as high as 3,000 USD/person for 6 days and 5 nights, visitors have booked tickets until the end of 2016.
According to the explanation of the company specializing in organizing this tour, for a Son Doong expedition tour for 8 people, the company must prepare a professional service team (guide and transport team) up to 25 people with Full range of supporting equipment to ensure the safety of visitors. So, to be able to see with your own eyes the beautiful fairy-tale Son Doong is still just a dream…






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